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Northern Alberta Vs Southern Alberta

regions: North vs south

regions: North vs south

The 2019 Tails of Help Month Alberta Challenge will be running November 1 - December 31. 
Veterinary Clinics & Businesses of Northern and Southern Alberta will compete for the 2019 Regional Championship, won in 2018 by the Southern Region of Alberta, and previously
by the Northern Region.. 
The top individual participating Alberta Clinic/Group/Business will be crowned as 2019 Champions and awarded the Alberta Challenge Trophy, won in 2018 by VCA Canada
Calgary North Animal Hospital in Calgary.


The Northern Alberta Team will consist of those clinics / groups / businesses north of Airdrie.
The Southern Alberta Team will consist of those clinics / groups / businesses south of and
including Airdrie.

To add even more fun, challenge and invite your friends/rivals at another clinic, pet supply store, or other neighbouring business, to participate in Tails of Help Month with a little head-to-head competition, and make some kind of friendly wager between groups - for example the losing team buys doughnuts for the winners or hosts them at a barbecue or washes their cars or whatever you think would be fun.

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Run easy and fun events during november 1 - December 31 to help keep more pets healthy and with their loving families.

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Tails of Help Month is our annual public fundraising campaign where you, members of the pet loving community, can join together with veterinary clinics, animal enthusiasts, and businesses from all over the province to provide aid for animals in need.

During the 2019 campaign from November 1 through December 21, small fundraising events on behalf of Tails of Help will be a great way to raise awareness and funds in order let us do what we do: helping keep the four-legged members of low income Alberta families happy and healthy for years to come!

Our leading sponsor for 2019, VCA Canada, has generously agreed to participate and partner with us again, and we can’t wait to see it grow bigger and better than our previous campaigns.

So mark your calendars and talk to your local veterinary clinics, because the 2018 Tails of Help Alberta Challenge will be here before you know it, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! 

✓ CLICK HERE to SIGN UP using our online form   OR
✓ CLICK HERE to download the Sign Up Sheet (to register your group/business/clinic)
and order your FREE Tails of Help Alberta Challenge Kit!

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2018 Alberta challenge trophy presentation to winners: VCA canada calgary north animal hospital

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Premier and Tails of Help Alberta Challenge Title Sponsor: VCA Canada

*Tails of Help is seeking to raise commitments of $210,000 during its fiscal year ending May 31, 2020 through its fundraising campaigns.  We estimate that it will cost our organization $58,000 to raise this amount. We anticipate that these organizational costs will be entirely covered by corporate sponsorships and grants. This means that 100% of all additional donations will go toward our charitable activity of helping pets and families. Please note that this is just the third full year that we will have a paid (part-time) staff member working for the charity. We plan to use the money to fund essential veterinary care for ill or injured pets of Alberta owners who are experiencing financial hardship. Our goal is to keep pets healthy and with their loving families. For further information, please see our website at, or phone Mark Patrick, Interim Executive Director at 587-575-8415 or email . Our mailing address is 1260 – 5328 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, T6H 4J8. Tails of Help is incorporated under the Companies Act (Alberta) and is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada).